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Linking Words – czyli słowa pomagające łączyć elementy wypowiedzi.


Podczas nauki języka angielskiego warto z czasem zwrócić uwagę na płynność wypowiedzi i w przypadku osiągnięcia komunikatywności w języku wzbogacić swoją wypowiedz o np. poniższe słowa:


Linking Words – czyli słowa pomagające łączyć elementy wypowiedzi.

Accordingly – zatem, odpowiednio
The cost of materials rose sharply last year. Accordingly, we were forced to increase our prices.
After all – przecież, w końcu, ostatecznie
So you made it after all!

All the same – mimo to; mimo wszystko; niezależnie od tego
He’s not very reliable, but I like him all the same.

Although/Even though – mimo, pomimo że, choć, chociaż
Although the sun was shining it wasn’t very warm.

Anyway – w każdym razie, i tak; poza tym; jednak(że), mimo to; przynajmniej, w każdym razie
The water was cold but I took a shower anyway.

As a matter of fact – właściwie, prawdę mówiąc
‘I suppose you’ll be leaving soon, then?’
‘No, as a matter of fact I’ll be staying for another two years.’

As a result – w rezultacie, w konsekwencji, w efekcie

As opposed to – w przeciwieństwie do, przeciwnie do
200 attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year.

As well as – tak dobrze jak, zarówno
They sell books as well as newspapers.

At any rate – w każdym razie
I may be away on business next week but at any rate I’ll be back by Friday.

At least – przynajmniej, co najmniej
It works, at least I think it does.

Besides – ponadto, do tego, oprócz, poza
Besides working as a doctor, he also writes novels in his spare time.

Broadly speaking/generally speaking – ogólnie mówiąć, ogólnie rzecz biorąc
Generally speaking, the more you pay, the more you get.

By and large – w zasadzie; ogólnie mówiąc; najczęściej
By and large, I enjoyed my time at school.

Consequently – w rezultacie, w konsekwencji
This poses a threat to agriculture and the food chain,
and consequently to human health.

Despite the fact that – pomimo tego, że
She was good at physics despite the fact that she found it boring.

Even so – mimo wszystko, mimo to
There are a lot of spelling mistakes; even so, it’s quite a good essay.

For a start/first of all/in the first place/for one thing – po pierwsze
‘Why don’t you get a car?’ ‘Well, for one thing, I can’t drive!’

For that reason – z tego powodu

Furthermore – ponadto
He said he had not discussed the matter with her.
Furthermore, he had not even contacted her.

Having said that – to powiedziawszy
I sometimes get worried in this job. Having said that, I enjoy doing it, it’s a challenge.

Hence – odtąd, stąd, (a) więc
We suspect they are trying to hide something,
hence the need for an independent inquiry.

However – jednak(że), choć, żeby, jakkolwiek
We thought the figures were correct. However, we have now discovered some errors.

In addition – w dodatku, na dodatek, dodatkowo
There is, in addition, one further point to make.

In addition to – ponadto, oprócz
In addition to these arrangements, extra ambulances will be on duty until midnight.

In contrast – natomiast, w przeciwieństwie do, przeciwnie do
The company lost $7 million this quarter in contrast to a profit of $6.2 million a year earlier.

In turn – w zamian, z kolei
Increased production will, in turn, lead to increased profits.

Indeed – rzeczywiście; istotnie; a nawet, a co więcej; naprawdę
I don’t mind at all. Indeed, I would be delighted to help.

Moreover – ponadto, poza tym
A talented artist, he was, moreover, a writer of some note.

Nevertheless/none the less – niemniej jednak, jednakże, pomimo tego, jednak
There is little chance that we will succeed in changing the law. Nevertheless, it is important that we try.

On the contrary – (wręcz) przeciwnie
‘It must have been terrible.’ ‘On the contrary, I enjoyed every minute.’

On the other hand – z drugiej strony
On the one hand they’d love to have kids, but on the other hand, they don’t want to give up their freedom.

On the whole – ogólnie; generalnie
On the whole, I’m in favour of the idea.

On top of that – na domiar złego, co więcej
On top of that, my car’s been stolen.

Owing to – z powodu, ponieważ…; w związku z tym, że…
The game was cancelled owing to torrential rain.

Still – wciąż, nadal, jeszcze, mimo to
We searched everywhere but we still couldn’t find it.

Thus – w ten sposób, tak oto, stąd, tak więc, jak dotąd, dotychczas
We do not own the building. Thus, it would be impossible for us to make any major changes to it.

To a large/some/certain extent – w dużym, pewnym, pewnym(ale konkretnym, określonym) stopniu

To be perfectly honest – mówiąc szczerze
To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to go anyway.

To make the matters worse – na domiar złego
And then, to make matters worse, his parents turned up.

To put it in another way – innymi słowy
He was too trusting—or, to put it another way, he had no head for business.

To tell the truth – prawdę mówiąc
To tell the truth, I fell asleep in the middle of her talk.

What’s more – co więcej
You’re wrong, and what’s more you know it!

Whereas – podczas gdy
Some of the studies show positive results, whereas others do not.

While – choć, chociaż, tak długo jak, podczas gdy
While Tom’s very good at science, his brother is absolutely hopeless.


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